Crispy Roast Pork Belly (Siu Yuk)

Crispy roast pork belly is always hard to resist. Especially when I passed the Cantonese restaurants in China Town, when I lived in Sydney, Australia. In my home city, Pontianak (West Borneo, Indonesia), crispy pork belly is also very popular. We can find it in chicken rice restaurant. Chicken rice in my home city is a meal which is rice served with not just roast chicken, but also with crispy pork belly, bbq pork, braised egg and pickled mustard greens. I was quite often buying crispy pork belly take away from the Cantonese restaurants in China Town, Sydney, which they are selling by weight. Now I don’t live in Sydney nor my home city where I can find my favourite crispy pork belly. Therefore I had to make it myself.

ready crispy pork belly
crispy roast pork belly

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