Soft And Fluffy Hot Cross Buns

classic hot cross buns fresh from the oven
Ready classic hot cross buns

Soft and fluffy hot cross buns are what most people look for every year, not only because it is one of the  symbol or tradition in Easter celebration, but also because of the taste. Traditionally, hot cross buns are eaten on Good Friday as the cross is the symbol of crucifixion of Jesus, while the spices contained in the bun implying the spices used to embalm Jesus at his burial day which we call Good Friday or Holy Friday. Continue reading “Soft And Fluffy Hot Cross Buns”

Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup (Soto Ayam Kuning)

Soto ayam kuning is Indonesian rich and fragrant chicken noodle soup. The yellowish broth from turmeric not only make this dish look exotic, but it also gives fresh and rich flavour. There are many styles of soto in Indonesia, as many regions have their own versions. My favourite is this yellow broth soto, which is the most popular soto sold in my city.  I have provided the recipe below for you to try with your loved ones or friends.

ready Indonesian soto ayam
ready Indonesian chicken noodle soup or soto ayam

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Easy Recipe of Tiramisu, Italian famous dessert

It is undeniable that tiramisu is the cake of the world. This Italian dessert is well-known all around the world. The name itself, tiramiśu, in italian means pick me up, which sounds very sexy and tempting. Aside from it’s name, the soft creamy texture and coffee flavour make it hard to resist, especially for coffee lovers. Moreover, with a dusting cacao powder on it makes it a perfect combination of flavour.

simple italian iramisu

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Crispy Roast Pork Belly (Siu Yuk)

Crispy roast pork belly is always hard to resist. Especially when I passed the Cantonese restaurants in China Town, when I lived in Sydney, Australia. In my home city, Pontianak (West Borneo, Indonesia), crispy pork belly is also very popular. We can find it in chicken rice restaurant. Chicken rice in my home city is a meal which is rice served with not just roast chicken, but also with crispy pork belly, bbq pork, braised egg and pickled mustard greens. I was quite often buying crispy pork belly take away from the Cantonese restaurants in China Town, Sydney, which they are selling by weight. Now I don’t live in Sydney nor my home city where I can find my favourite crispy pork belly. Therefore I had to make it myself.

ready crispy pork belly
crispy roast pork belly

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Indonesian Salad with Peanut Dressing (Gado-gado)

Gado-gado, also known as pecel, is Indonesian salad consisting of slightly boiled/steamed  mixed vegetables, sliced fresh cucumber, boiled eggs, tofu, tempeh, and rice cakes (lontong or ketupat) with peanut dressing. This is one of my favourite dishes for diet or for meat fasting days like Fridays. Unfortunately, some vegetables or ingredients are not available in the area where I live now in Poland. They are rice cake, kangkung (water spinach) and long bean.

Indonesian salad

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Indonesian Chicken Curry with Potatoes

Indonesian chicken curry is one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia. Unlike Indian curry, Indonesian curry is milder because of fewer spices used. Its ingredients are very similar to rendang’s, but it has different consistency on the outcome. Rendang requires more time in cooking to reach thick gravy consistency, while curry has runny gravy/soup.

Ready Indonesian chicken curry with potatoes
Ready Indonesian chicken curry

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Chocolate Cheese Banana Pastry

Today recipe is chocolate cheese banana pastry from a city called Bandung (West Java) in Indonesia. I fell in love with this pastry when I was visiting Bandung for the first time few years ago.  There are many cake shops in that city offering this pastry, which they call “bolen pisang”, as a souvenir from Bandung. Bandung is one of the most popular holiday destination, as it is only two to three hours drive or by train from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

chocolate cheese banana pastry ready
yummy chocolate cheese banana pastry

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